We extend a warm welcome to all our guests and newcomers. Please ensure that you sign our guest book located in the back of the church so we may remember your visit with us. All baptized believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are welcome to take Communion. Please join us for coffee and fellowship in the under croft of the church immediately following our 9:45 AM services.


Trinity Episcopal Church in Whitinsville is a welcoming and transforming congregation.  Our goal as a Christian community is to welcome everyone in the love and truth of Jesus Christ. We offer encouragement, spiritual growth, and worship through our programs and service to others in our community. We accomplish this through our Sunday school and Christian Education programs for children and adults, as well as the many community actives that we participate in through out the Blackstone Valley. Trinity Episcopal Church in Whitinsville is conveniently located in the heart of Whitinsville on the Common at 33 Linwood Avenue. Come join us on Sunday for our service, Sunday School, and our Christian Education programs. We look forward to seeing you at our Episcopal church - everyone is welcome! The children look forward to Sunday school and the adults always look forward to our Christian Education programs. Come and enjoy everything Trinity Episcopal Church in Whitinsville has to offer - Sunday school, Christian Education, fellowship and fun!


The Episcopal Church of the USA is more widely known through the world as the Anglican Church. It is the third largest Christian denomination globally. It shares with all Christians everywhere the essentials of the Christian faith, like faith in
Jesus Christ as Lord and God, the scriptures, and the creeds.

In the colorful range of Christianity, the life of the Episcopal Church is notable for some features which are connected with the unique history of English speaking Christians. For example, it is highly democratic because of the 800 year old history of democracy in England. Arising from Wilberforce’s noble and ultimately effective battle against slavery, the Anglican Church affirms a reasoned approach to scripture. For example, Charles Dickens fought for the protection of children; and we bracket those parts of the bible that are confined to certain cultural settings, like slavery or other suppression of human rights.

Women Respecting Through-out English history women like Abbess Hilda of Whitby (614-680) have held leading roles in faith and in politics. There is a long list of famed women, some more prominent ones regularly remembered in the calendar of the church. For example, the first Anglican women priest was ordained in 1944 in Japan. The character of democracy, reason, and human rights continues to be exemplified in the election of global leaders of this denomination such as Desmond Tutu and Katherine Jefferts Schori. 

Scripture Anglican bishops and scholars translated what is arguably the best loved version of the English language scriptures, The Authorized Version of King James, finishing in 1611. Most of the Book of Common Prayer is made up of quotations from scripture. English literature is woven with biblical language and metaphor. Anglican missionaries took the gospel,healing, and learning into many places in the world, including Scots born St. Patrick (387 - 461) to Ireland, others to Europe, central Africa, the Far East, and the USA. It is a truly amazing history. They saw to translations of the scriptures in those places they went. There is a vast range of caring institutions arising from this stream, including  hospitals, academic institutions (e.g. Oxford and Cambridge and free public schooling), medical research, and much more. The major ecumenical movements and institutions that exist grew out of this work.

TraditionThe central feature of the Christian tradition begins with the call for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and God; and simultaneously a corporate relationship and commitment to all God’s children. English bishops attended the very first councils of the church, and have always done so. The Book of Common Prayer, in all its services, reflects what global scholarship understands to be the earliest and most enduring stream of worship and prayer throughout time.

Music and the Arts  Anglican priest John Newton (1725-1807) wrote one of the best known hymns in the world, Amazing Grace. Beauty of language is affirmed in worship. Episcopal churches usually pay attention to glorious music, moving architecture and art.