Trinity Episcopal Church

33 Linwood Avenue
Whitinsville, MA
Sunday Schedule
9:45AM  Holy Communion with Music
9:45AM  Sunday School

Church Leadership




The Head of the Church
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Ministers
The Whole Congregation
Rector Emeritus
Canon Dr. John Derek Stubbs
Tom Girard
Senior Warden:  Mitch Palmer
Junior Warden:  Susan VanderZicht
Clerk: Donna Chiacchia
Treasurer:  Karen Lekas
Financial Secretary: Jerry Butcher

Members of the Vestry
Mitch Palmer
Sue VanderZicht
Donna Chiacchia
Karen Lekas
Jay Taintor
Jerry Snook
Janet Oliver
Melanie Brundage

Capital Campaign Administration
Chairman: Donna Chiacchia
Vice Chairman: Tom Stone
Financial Secretary: Jim Slavin
Treasurer: Karen Lekas
Communications Director: Janet Oliver

Committee Members
Ken Piper, Jay Taintor, Todd Buckley, Bev Drover, Noah & Pam Burrill