Trinity Episcopal Church

33 Linwood Avenue
Whitinsville, MA
Sunday Schedule thru January 6, 2019
9:00AM at St. John's Millville
49 Central Street, Millville, MA

Church Leadership




The Head of the Church
The Lord Jesus Christ
The Ministers
The Whole Congregation
Rector Emeritus
Canon Dr. John Derek Stubbs
Tom Girard
Senior Warden:  Mitch Palmer
Junior Warden:  Susan VanderZicht
Clerk: Donna Chiacchia
Treasurer:  Karen Lekas
Financial Secretary: Jerry Butcher

Members of the Vestry
Mitch Palmer
Sue VanderZicht
Donna Chiacchia
Karen Lekas
Jay Taintor
Jerry Snook
Janet Oliver
Melanie Brundage

Capital Campaign Administration
Chairman: Donna Chiacchia
Vice Chairman: Tom Stone
Financial Secretary: Jim Slavin
Treasurer: Karen Lekas
Communications Director: Janet Oliver

Committee Members
Ken Piper, Jay Taintor, Todd Buckley, Bev Drover, Noah & Pam Burrill